4 methods to remove solar nails safely

4 methods to remove solar nails safely

Artificial nails have been a craze in the fashion world today. Artificial nails had their existence in ancient history of Egyptians and Greeks too. The artificial nails are of many types but solar nails are the popular ones. These nails are to be applied from a reputed salon. However, the removal is a simple process. Here is a know how to remove solar nails has simple steps to do on one’s own.

Sola nails do not fade out in sun but need refilling in every three months. There are 4 general practices to remove the solar nails.

Method 1:

This is done an instrument ‘Gel Nail polish removal instrument’ in a reputed salon. It needs expertise to use this instrument, if not it can damage the nail and hurt the skin under it. After removing one layer or the gloss on the nail bed using the instrument, place the nail in acetone for 15-20 minutes and then using double ended cuticle pusher scratch the whole layer of the solar nail. If there is difficulty, place the nail in Acetone for some more time. Apply any flavoured cuticle oil to bring back the natural nail beautiful and shiny again.

how to remove solar nails

Method 2:

This method can be done at home with a regular nail polish remover or acetone and petroleum jelly.

  • Apply petroleum jelly around the nail so that acetone will not affect the skin.
  • Pour acetone in a bowl preferable a glass bowl
  • Keep the finger tips inside the bowl for 10-20 minutes and then with a cuticle pusher, the gel layer is to be removed. This can be repeated when there is a difficulty in removing it.
  • Once this is done, applying moisturiser is must.

Method 3:

In this method, instead of cuticle pusher, we can use cotton balls.

  • Apply petroleum jelly around the nail so that acetone will not affect the skin.
  • Soak the cotton balls in acetone and place them on finger tips and cover the complete finger with aluminium foil.
  • Wrap the whole hand with a soft towel and a heating pad with a low setting for 15-20 minutes.
  • The solar nails will be removed completely, if not the process need to be repeated for some more time.

Method 4:

Removing the solar nails using dental floss can be done. It may not be harmful but sometimes prying up cause damage to natural nail.  It needs help of another person.

  • The cuticle pusher is used to pry up the bottom edge of the acrylic nail i.e. solar nail completely.
  • Partner has to floss back and forth under the nail gently after sliding it in exact position.
  • This process can be repeated until all the nails are removed.