Aluminum and Composite BBCOR Bats: What’s the Difference?

The Batted Ball Coefficient of Restitution, or BBCOR for short, takes the safety of baseball players into account. Many baseball gear manufacturers now engineer their equipment to meet BBCOR standards as there is a continuous rise in demand for baseball bats that should meet the required prerequisites.

Two of the most in-demand BBCOR bats are composite and aluminum. Albeit both of these types of BBCOR baseball bats have its regular sets of followers, new players might still be in the process of wondering what to get for their first BBCOR certified bat.

Aluminum BBCOR Bats

Otherwise known as aluminum alloy bats, aluminum BBCOR bats are not entirely made out of the metal material found in its name. While primarily made out of aluminum, manufacturers blend it together with other ingredients to produce an alloy. In doing so, it brings prices down while maintaining, and sometimes even improving performance and durability. Some aluminum BBCOR bats have a mixture of high-end materials that do make the cost higher than standard baseball bats.

bbcor bats composite

Composite BBCOR Bats

The bbcor bats composite materials let players take advantage of a wooden bat’s overall performance while making use of an aluminum baseball bat’s supreme durability. Most composite BBCOR bats are made with a combination of different augmented carbon fiber polymer materials. In comparison to aluminum baseball bats, composite bats have a lighter weight due to some of the materials used in its production. Some bats made with composite materials include graphite and glass fiber to allow the weight of the sports equipment to be accurately distributed throughout the unit.

The More Inexpensive Choice

When searching for a baseball bat on the market, many interested buyers are looking at different factors to make sure their choice provides them excellent value for money without damaging their spending allowance too much. In the case of choosing between aluminum and composite BBCOR bats, the former is cheaper than the latter. Still, always remember that the amount of money spent on the baseball equipment should never compensate for its overall performance. While some baseball bats are indeed cheaper than others, you still need to assure yourself that the purchase is durable enough to take a lot of hits without denting or cracking.

Affecting Performance Levels

When you’re looking at a player’s performance, it’s not solely dependent on the skill level of the individual. The equipment they use also play an important role in their overall performance. When it comes to the subject in choosing between aluminum baseball bats and composite BBCOR bats, the former is lighter in terms of weight than the latter and these are also made with more durable materials. On the other hand, composite baseball bats are significantly lighter regarding the materials used in its production. Aluminum bats promote more power while composite bats offer faster swinging speeds.

When you’re in the decision-making process in selecting between aluminum and composite BBCOR baseball bats, consider personal preferences for the selection. Also think about the league where you’ll play, the restrictions set by the league, and your current physical abilities.