Art Of Marketing Using Cgi

advantages of marketing cgi

CGI means computer generated imagery. It is the application of computer graphics like films, videos, commercials and designs to depict various scenarios and products. With increasing demand for architectural illustrations CGI is being used increasingly by modern day architects and designers to create artistic 3d models for the benefit of the builders and the customers. Architectural animation as it is popularly known as is useful to discuss the various details of the property like the design, surroundings, amenities, landscaping, the effects of light and shadow etc. The designers use a variety of architectural design tools on their computers to create real time designs of various buildings effectively. These images cannot be differentiated from real photographs when done accurately. Marketing cgi increases the effectiveness of the presentation when compared to the traditional drawings and floor plans.

Marketing Using Cgi

These images can be used in presentations to display a beautiful and breathe taking view of the property with the use of pictures, videos and music to impress the clients and helps to get a positive outcome. The clients can take a 360 degree tour of the property, it’s interior and the surroundings beforehand and suggest any design changes they wish to get done before the construction begins.

There are various advantages of marketing cgi like

  • It costs less than photo shoots and gives a more real life image when proper imagery tools are used. It also comes handy when it is not possible to take actual photographs. It is possible to create a real time image of a property before it is constructed and show the client its features and look in context to the surroundings. It is also possible to show how a renovation work will change the exterior and interior look of a property.
  • The computer generated images are better than the original ones and they aid in giving customers an enticing and stunning view of the property.
  • It’s flexible, adaptable and less time consuming. Changes suggested by the client can be immediately integrated into the design.
  • By showing the effects of the proposed construction on the surroundings it will be easier to get necessary planning permissions and licenses.
  • Cgi can be used to design the interiors of a home to explain complex design ideas easily to the clients and show them the exact end result in the design stage itself. It can help the designer showcase the various materials, furniture and furnishings he is going to use in the project. It saves time as these images can be shared online and there is no need for repeated meetings with the clients. And the design can be easily changed if the client wants any modifications before beginning the project.

Cgi has been gaining increasing popularity with real estate and construction industries due to its numerous advantages. It is proving to be a powerful sales tool for convincing customers to invest in the property. It also helps the builders to create a buzz around the property thereby increasing the demand.