Best Sigma Lenses for Nikon FX That Works For Any Occasion

 Nikon is one of the best brands of camera and lenses in the market today. Alongside Canon, these two have focused solely on making better cameras and better lenses. If you are new to photography and you are looking for the best camera for you, don’t look too far. Nikon brand is the one then you should consider.

 Nikon is one of the oldest brands that has proven why it should be on the top of the best camera and lens brands. When the company started in 1917 in Japan, it was originally named Nippon Kogaku Tokyo K.K. SInce then, the company never stopped innovating even during the World War II. They produced products, such as binoculars, bomb signs, and so much more. Today, they are still one of the leading brands who never stopped innovating. It is believed that the revenue of this company is at 857.5 trillion Yen.

Nikon vs Canon

            These two brands have been compared most of the time. A survey was done for both brands to prove which is better than the two. Users reported that they are more impressed with Nikon’s shutter speed, the quality of photos, as well as the LCDs on their cameras. Videos are also better in quality, compared to Canon and other brands. The only brand that can somewhat be similar to Nikon’s video quality, is Panasonic, however still lower in other aspects.

Nikon FX Cameras

            FX or “full frame”, is one of the format sensors of Nikon Cameras. This is the larger format sensor which measures 36X24mm, similar to the size of a 35mm film. When it comes to lens compatibility, FX cameras take every lens. Old film lenses or even manual focus is compatible with Nikon FX.

Nikon FX Compatible Lenses by Sigma

            There is a long list of Sigma lenses that can be used with Nikon FX since FX cameras can take any lens. But which is better than the others? Below is one of the best Sigma lenses for Nikon FX.

  • Sigma 70 -300m f/4 – 5.6 APO DG Macro Nikon F

The macro lens is best if you are filming flowers, butterflies and basically anything that you would want to a perfect shot at 1:2. This lens is compatible with:

  • Full Frame cameras (ex. Nikon D5 and Nikon D810A)
  • APS-C (1.5x crop factor) cameras like Nikon D3400 or Nikon D5600

When you are using one of the Nikon FX Series Camera, it is not hard to find a Sigma lens for you. FX cameras are compatible with any lens. So, depending on what you need, you just have to decide the best lens for you, and you’re good to go!