BR1M: Not Different From Direct Cash Assistance in Other Regions

BR1M Not Different From Direct Cash Assistance in Other Regions

The 1Malaysia People’s Aid or BR1M has hardly any basis for it to be a form of corruption. It has been the topic of many controversies, which does include it being a form of bribery for the next election. However, one thing’s for sure, and that’s the government program can help in financially assisting lower-income Malaysian citizens.

People can’t outwardly say that BR1M is a form of corruption when there are over 63 countries worldwide that have similar cash assisting programs to help their less-fortunate population. Hence, the outright dismissal of it being “political bribery” by certain oppositions is uncalled for, especially upon seeing the economic possibilities of this particular government system.

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Different Locations, Different Approaches, Similar Views

UMNO Youth deputy chief Senator Khairul Azman Harun said in an article that it was unfortunate to see some people have negative views on the program and equate it to an “addiction to politicking.” He also compared BR1M and cash transfer programs implemented by Japan and Brazil to alleviate some of the plights of their low-income citizens. Khairul Azman said that the success of Bolsa Familia, which is Brazil’s cash aid program, has been dramatic. A study from the Brazil’s Institute of Applied Economic Research explained that the nation succeeded in eliminating a large percentage of extreme poverty while lifting approximately 36 million families out of the poverty zone since the introduction of the financial assistance program.

BR1M Isn’t the Only Cash Assistance Program of Malaysia

Albeit BR1M is perhaps the most popular cash aid program of the country, it’s not the only one. The country’s federal government was known to give special payments or otherwise known as wang ehsan to people in Terengganu. It was after the PAS-led government halted any receiving of oil royalties back in the year 2000. Due to the creation of BR1M, some parts of the opposition blatantly claim that this program is a form of corruption. Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s time as prime minister made strong claims that the program was purposely aimed at getting to vote for the coalition.

What to Expect With BR1M in 2018

Even though BR1M is faced with much controversy and backlash by different Malaysian citizens and politicians, it can’t be ruled out as a means of corruption or bribery immediately because of the fact that it can alleviate financial burdens of the population’s low-income class. BR1M isn’t, however, a permanent solution to delivering families and individuals out of the less fortunate category, but it does give them a head start.

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