Most Convenient Wood Router choices for the User

The wood routers are the tools that are used for cutting or shaping the wood. Many other tools are used for wood cutting, but the router cuts the wood in high speed like the sharp blades that is used by the wood workers now.

Peoples think that a wood router is an essential item that can finish a piece of wood in a professional way, so they think it is very useful.

To make something very professional you need a good router. The woodworkers believe that wood routers can perform multiple tasks. While choosing the Best wood router, it is an important decision, so let us see some best wood router;


DEWALT DWP611PK is a good router for doing small projects. It has impressive LED lights and has many Bosch Colt fans. It can handle multiple wood tasks at a time. It is also suitable for trimming work. It is not suitable for working with a router table and can only work with the router bits of ¼ inch. It has comfortable, powerful handles and can give control over the power motor.

Best wood router

  • Bosch 1617EVSPK

This router comes with a kit to handle multiple routing jobs. It is very quick and efficient in working. It is a good variable speed wood plunge router that delivers 2-1/4horsepower with 8-25,000 RPM variable speed. It has ½ and 1/4nch collets. It provides the quick and very easy adjustments.


A PORTER-CABLE 690LR is a durable fixed base router. It offers quick adjustments. It is only compatible with the router speed control device. It is considered as the best option by users. It is not complicated and very easy to use by the woodworkers. It lacks the soft start feature, but a good adjustable router under the table.

  • DEWALT DW618

DEWALT DW618 is best for home usage. It comes with a router kit with the power tools for professional wood cutting. It can easily handle the routing tasks assigned by the woodworkers. It takes a soft start with a variable speed and has a height adjustment feature. The variable speed can go to 8 to 24,000 RPMs to match the best thing about a project. It is on a plunging base and a standard base too. It’s a Best wood router for home based work.

  • Hitachi KM12VC

Hitachi KM12VC is the silent router that gives you a quieter workshop. It can handle all tasks at a lower speed. The carbon brushes need cleanliness within a year. It is a smooth 2-1/4HP router that includes the hard-sided carrying case. It is a fixed and a plunging router. The fixed router works well, if the user wants more control over the designs and want cut outs. It is most convenient as it is cheaper in price.