The dreaded driving test

The dreaded driving test

Ah, the dreaded driving exam. After every lesson always comes a test. They are there to review what you have learned. Don’t worry, there are two driving exams. There is one for theories and one practical exam.  Passing the Theory test is really not that hard as it may seem.  When you walk into the room, you may experience sweaty palms, weak knees and heavy arms. Good thing you had breakfast, your mother made that delicious spaghetti just for you (this is not a quote from that famous white rapper guy).

Once you settle in the exam hall and start taking the test, you might realize that is not really as hard as it seems. Studying and preparing for the test is always the best and safest way to pass it, as with all if not most exams. The kind people at Andy1st have put together a little guide to help you get through the theory part of the test and get that oh-so-important PASS.

Pre-test jitters, what to do, what to do.

Getting scared before the test is normal, especially if you didn’t study or you don’t know what to do during the exam or you might have a case of mental block. Relax, don’t panic. There are a few things you might want to consider doing before taking the exam to ease that anxiety of yours.


First and probably the most important part of taking the exam, STUDYING. Yes, studying. Most people dread this word but it is very important and one of the deciding factors if you pass or fail.  Set aside at least a couple of hours each day to review. Read up on the Highway Code, make flash cards, take down notes, whatever you feel comfortable doing. Studying and a bit of luck and common sense will guarantee that you pass that test.

Practicing spotting hazards while taking a ride in your mom’s van can also be useful and a good practice habit leading up to the exam. Likewise, you can also search and review clips like these online. There is a part of the test where you will be shown snippets and will be asked to spot the hazards in each one of them.

Find mock tests online and practice on them, they may not be similar to the actual test you are going to take but it will surely be pretty close. These mock up tests will determine your knowledge and at least you will know what your strong and weak points are and concentrate on improving them.

Judgement day has come.

Leave yourself plenty of down time before the test; don’t cram your studies, (although it works for some people) so you go in the test hall feeling all fine and dandy. Also, don’t forget your provisional license, all your efforts would go to waste without it because they won’t allow you to take the test without it. Lastly, bring an extra pen or pencil, just for good measure. If by chance you come across a question that you can’t answer as of yet, skip it until you finish everything else then go back to it. It usually works.

In conclusion, it is important to have sufficient knowledge in driving before doing the actual thing. This is what the theory test is all about. It is preparing your mind to be road worthy because driving isn’t as easy as it looks. Follow these guides and you will certainly pass with flying colours.