Eyelash extensions with its types

Eyelash extensions with its types

The huge popularity of eyelashes occupies a predominant essence in the cosmetic field. These eyelashes enhance a sequence of applying different shapes of eyelashes that are even lengthy and might definitely suits you very well apart of using mascara daily. Generally these eyelash extensions are applied by simply sticking glue to eyelashes in a sequence pattern like one after other. So that it avoids the eyelashes to stick each other.

Let’s concentrate on different types of eyelashes:

 Apart of fake lashes and eyelash extensions will shows its impact in different ways.

  • Temporary false lashes: Actually these are designed from different materials include mink, 3d lashes and the application of these lashes will be carried out with adhesive glue. It is not water proof; if these lashes are worn in water then these lashes will be quickly fall out.
  • Semi-permanent lashes: It is also termed as generally eyelash extensions. In fact when eyelashes are applied with glue then it is usually known as cyanocrylate.

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Probably these lash extensions came into existence in order to enhance the beauty appearance rather than applying mascara to the eye lash. While applying these lashes extensions, be cautious as it causes irritation when it touches the eyelid. After 3 to 4 weeks of application add new lashes to it accordingly in order that previous growth needs to be bonded.  So the monthly wise extensions of eyelashes are required in order to avoid mascara on daily basis. Moreover the new lashes will last in between three to four weeks and correspondingly it starts thinning out gradually. In additionally the duration is less but the budget is more and sometimes exceeding the budget cost you more than applying more number of lashes.


  • It is quite advantageous unlike applying mascara daily for enhancing beauty and its appearance will completely change as it looks quite young and approachable too.
  • It experiences well and feels very convenient in association of eye contact with your partners too.
  • It even increases confidence and frees you from time consuming by using eyelash curlers, mascara etc. Even more eye liner never increases the beauty features as it just creates a single line on a lid and it simply ruins the confidence eventually.