Find Best Lock and Keys around the World

You’ll be surprised to find best lock and keys around the world are just as interesting as the valuables they protect. In some cases, their design would even make them more remarkable.

Each lock and key present its own distinct design. Moreover, the mechanism involved in each one would make you feel like you’re holding a puzzle. In fact, some will make you wonder how practical they could be for security purposes. Nonetheless, we feature the weirdest locks and keys you can expect to find in different parts of the world.

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Two Indian Locks to Puzzle You

The New Gulshan Padlock and the Arvind Padlock are from India. Both equally normal yet their operation is weird. In fact, opening either of them is like working on a puzzle.

The keyway on the New Gulshan Padlock is merely for display. Its actual keyway is behind under a door opened by pressing a small button on the lock with the aid of a small tool. Only then can you use the key to open the lock.

Likewise, the Arvind Padlock is tricky. Although it has only one keyway, you can’t unlock it without first unscrewing one of the rounded bolts on the back side of the lock.

A Corkscrew for a Key

Bizarre best describes the key you need to open this particular ancient Slavic padlock called the Saint Fire. While most keys are flat, this has a threaded design similar to a corkscrew. It’s made this way to fit the distinct screw system of the lock. The addition of dimpled cuts along its grooves levels up the weird factor.

To open the lock, insert the corkscrew designed key and twist. Sadly, the concept didn’t inspire others to follow suit. It would’ve been cool to carry around a corkscrew key.

Another Indian Lock to Trick You

Have you ever lost a key for a lock? No doubt, it drove you crazy trying to remember where you left it. Well, can you imagine needing three keys to open a single lock? What are the odds you can keep track of all of them?

The Trick Padlock is also from India. At first glance, you’ll notice the absence of a keyway. You need to follow a series of steps to open it. If you don’t then it’ll remain closed. Imagine having this kind of padlock on your front door. It’s possible any of these locks could deter would be burglars. However, each one would likely frustrate you instead.