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2017 has begun and there are lists of cars which are ready to hit the roads this year. This year’s top pick are decided taking in mind all the parameters. To be on the top, the cars need to top the overall scores: These parameters which decide the performance of the cars are road-test performance, reliability, the customer’s satisfaction and safety mechanism of the car. Experts conducted a research in terms of the performance of the upcoming vehicles and gave the list of cars which outperformed in all the given parameters.

The sub compact Car: Toyota Yaris iA

This mazda developed car is going to be marketed by Toyota.  The Yaris iA launched by the Scion is a sub compact wonder in all its terms. The refined look of the car gives an extraordinary luxurious feel to it. It has been equipped with smooth four-cylinder engine, a six-speed automatic transmission which gives the user a comfortable ride. Mazda’ automobile shines with its swift steering and well gripped handling and that to in an extremely affordable price. This affordable sedan has great safety system with a standard low-speed automatic emergency braking.

The sub compact CarToyota Yaris iA

The best Hybrid: Toyota Prius

The pioneer of the hybrid movement this car has well defined fuel-efficiency for four model generations and still tops on in terms of fuel saving . Its fuel in the tests was a record breaking 52 mpg overall which is the highest ever recorded for a car that cannot be plugged in. The reliability of the car is excellent that is extremely difficult to achieve because of the complex hybrid system of the car.  It has an improved design, making it look extremely stylish.  The reduction in cabin noise improved the ride experience and made the car more users friendly.  . On top of that, the new Prius comes with standard safety mechanisms which highlight the overall experience of driving this car.

The sports star: Mazda MX-5 Miata

The Mazda MX-5 Miata is indeed a treat to our eyes. Its formula is the same since 1990.  The core ingredients of the car which makes it a star amongst all are a pliant four-cylinder engine, smooth handling, and most importantly its light weight. This sports wonder is use friendly and extremely responsive to the driver of the car. The Miata is a road legend with its slick steering responses and the balance that is essential for any sports car. On top of that, the stylish look of the car and economic fuel system acts as a bonus.