Getting more connected through technology

Impact of social media:

Everyone in the world is now able to access the information through a small device, a mobile phone. It has changed the technology drastically by connecting more to the society. Internet has become a revolution a decade ago and has been increasing its popularity minute to minute. Connections, contacting and sharing have become very easy. Thousands of applications for the mobile have been designed in a day and are becoming viral with their highly advanced techniques. People are looking for more creative apps to get more entertained and share their feelings over the internet in the modern world. There are bunch of apps like face book, twitter, instagram, whatsapp, snapchat and many more which have thousand millions of active users every day. As many enjoy the messaging and photo, video sharing apps for fun, there are groups called hackers try to steal the information of individuals. Hacking may be for serious activities like morphing the pictures, stealing the passwords of the credit, debit cards for gaining money illegally. Snapchat hack is trending in the present days and causing trouble to many snap chat users.

snap chat hacking

Why snap chat and snap chat hacking?

Snapchat is the popular photo messaging application developed for easy sharing of videos and images over the internet. The pictures and messages in the snap chat have a feature of self-deleting, which means within a day they will be removed from your account. Some more important features of snap chat are creating videos in seconds, video chat and creating short stories. Snapchat is easy to download and install on IOS and android devices. The username should be created by the individual to create an account. Basic information like mobile number, date of birth etc are required for an account. Once the account is ready, one should set a strong password for maintaining privacy. There are many groups looking to invade the privacy of others. So snap chat hack has become tool for hacking one’s account, however hacking should be only for fun and legal, but not to make ones private life public. Many hackers steal the photos of the snap chat users and misuse their accounts. As the tools used for hacking are free online, it has become easy for the hackers. Hacking should be ethical and is a tool for the parents to control their children’s safety.

Tips to secure your snap chat account:

Simple steps should be followed to maintain your account safe and secure from hackers:

  • Adjust the settings in the snap chat that only your friends can see your updates. Keep a watch on the people who are viewing your account.
  • Do not share your username to anyone as chances of hacking are more.
  • Have a strong password that none can guess and always set a login verification to avoid unauthorized access.
  • Do not add unknown members to the account, you can always ignore them and can block those users.
  • Always make sure your photos are neat and not be in nude or semi-nude postures as it may cause serious trouble to you.
  • As snap chat is permanent, your photos can be stored so snap or chat responsibly.

Thus make sure snapping is all about fun.