Gladiator Steak Knives are Perfect For Beginners

Gladiator Steak Knives are Perfect For Beginners

To most beginners in the kitchen, once you’ve seen one knife, you’ve seen them all. Most people don’t care about the blade edges, the grip and the finish. As long as it can cut stuff, it’s a good knife. However, it’s never too late to educate yourself on which knife does what, and if you’re looking for your first steak knife purchase, the Gladiator steak knife set from Dalstrong is perfect for this purpose. Why is it the recommended steak knife for first timers? Here are just some of the reasons why.

Strong and Firm Grip

One thing that separates kitchen pros from novices is the way they handle knives. Pros grip their knives surely and firmly, while novices tend to grip it tightly as if their lives depended on it. Many beginners have been victimized by a flimsy grip, where they hand slides forward so they grip the base of the blade, cutting themselves in the process.

Gladiator steak knives are perfect for those who haven’t mastered the art of holding a knife securely without putting too much pressure on the grip. The black pakkawood handle is bordered by a solid tang, which is also triple riveted across the side of the handle. The tang ensures a comfortable grip that doesn’t slide no matter how sweaty your hands get. The bolster that separates the handle from the blade gives the knife more control and maneuverability.

Gladiator steak knives are perfect

Nice and Easy Cuts

The Gladiator steak knives have a solid steel, serrated blade. While many kitchen aficionados prefer straight edged blades as they supposedly make finer cuts, but serrated edges are better for beginners. The difference in cuts is minimal and only detectable if you inspect the cut right in front of your eyes. Serrated blades are better at ripping through meat easily. Most people won’t even notice the difference between a cut made with a straight edged blade and one with a serrated blade. So if you only care about cutting your meat efficiently and easily into bite sized pieces, then serrated edged blades like the Gladiator steak knives are better.

Serrated edged blades are great for beginners in the kitchen because it is low maintenance. Between straight edged blades and serrated blades, the latter requires less sharpening because of its structure. So you can just use the knife, clean it and then store it without worrying about the blade dulling anytime soon.

Perfect Gift For Newlyweds

Most novices in the kitchen are newlyweds who are just starting their life together. According to many newlyweds, this is because kitchen smarts isn’t really a top priority for single people. While this doesn’t apply to all, it is a fact that several single people live on fast food, microwavable dinners, and probably have only one knife for all their cutting needs. The need to purchase a specific knife for every gastronomic purpose only becomes mandatory once people get married.

Gladiator steak knives are not just something beginners purchase for themselves, but it is also something that pros in the kitchen can gift to their novice friends to give them a head start. Since most newlyweds prioritize cooking appliances, pots, pans and dining cutlery, veering away from the norm and getting your friends a Gladiator steak knife set instead can make a huge difference. They’ll surely thank you for it later on.