How Your Pet Shows You Love And How You Can Show Your Pet Love

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It is probably not a big secret that you love your pet. In fact, you probably care for your pet just as much as a member of the family. You take them on care rides, feed them special treats, and play with the on a daily basis, but does your pet love you back? For years and years scientists have been studying animal emotions and how they respond to humans. Throughout the long-term study and research, scientists have come up with several different explanations of animal behavior, and how they believe that dogs and cats express their love to their owners. Below, you will learn about these different emotions and if your pet loves you or not.

Eye Contact Could Mean Everything

When it comes to animal-on-animal communication eye contact can almost been seen as an act of aggression. Long stares from one pet to another can be almost seen as an act of intimidation or a challenge. While dogs are not known for staring humans in the eyes either, they will oftentimes seek out eye contact as a sign of affection. When animals are happy and comfortable their eyes will appear normal and relaxed. Personal trainer Joseph Martin says, “Owners can build a closer relationship with their pets by teaching them to look at them for guidance.”


Sleeping In A Pack

Dogs come from wolf descendants and are naturally wild creatures. In the wild these creatures sleep in packs, which represents a sign a loyalty. So, when you wake up with your dog’s paws in your back or with a face full of dog breath, you can take it as a sign of affection. Of course, you should not be too surprised, if your pet doesn’t sleep with you. In many cases, sleeping with your pet could be a little risky. If you’re not careful, you could roll over onto your pet and this could cause them to become injured. Be cautious when sleeping with your pooch.

Toy Time

Dogs like to play and they will oftentimes initiate the action by bringing you their favorite toy. When your dog brings you his favorite toy it does means that he or she wants to play, but it can also be seen as a sign of affection. When you pick up the toy and begin to play with the dog, you are returning the affection and your pet will love you even more.

Cats also enjoy playing with toys, but they can enjoy it even more if you get involved in the action. By tickling the animal on the tummy, pulling a ball on a string or wagging a feather back and forth, you will be sharing some personal time and affection with your cat.

They’re There For You

As Nick Trout explains, “It may be a cat, a bird, a ferret, or a guinea pig, but the chances are high that when someone close to you dies, a pet will be there to pick up the slack.” This is definitely the case. Pets absolutely hate for their owners to be depressed and lonesome. They’ll be able to pick up on your emotions and they’ll be more than willing to provide you with support during your most trying time. You can tell your pet cares when they attempt to calm you, as you sob. Or, they may attempt to cuddle up with you when you’re worried about something.

They’ll Obey Your Commands

Getting a pet to obey your commands can be very difficult in the beginning. However, the learning process will give you the opportunity to bond with your furry friends. Once you’ve noticed that your canine is starting to pick up on your commands, you’ll know immediately that you’ve achieved something special. Not only have you managed to make your pet obedient, but you’ve also gained their affection, love and respect! Make your pet obedient and they’ll become your best friend for the remainder of their life.