Importance of online examinations at present time

 With large number of educational institutes trying to adopt the best methodology of online assessment and some of them still using the traditional method of examination, the onlineexamination approach is prevailing in present world. There are large number of reasons which justifies well that online examinations are better method as compared to paper based exam for making every student learn and helping them grow in their future or career. There are different parameters on which these online papers and traditional method of examinations are differentiated and at the end, the online exams are given more weightage.

Parameters of their division

  • Security of exam paper: The online examination offers complete security and flexibility for question paper as every student can get random questions on same pattern of examination while it is not possible to set different exam papers for different students in paper based exam.
  • Results process: similarly in the online exams, the results are accurate and instant while in paper based the overheads associated with result and answers verification process are huge and can be prone to few errors.
  • Exam center: the online examination can also be easily conducted wherever the candidate is able to appear for it from remote centers of examination with web cam technique. In traditional exam, management of exam, class room infrastructure, answer sheets and question paper are needed.
  • Logistic costs: here in the online exams, the logistic costs can be minimized while in paper based exam, they are high.
  • Subjective exams: the online exams can have some of the limitations for exams as diagrams or drawings. On the other hand, no such limitations are there for traditional exams.
  • Examination cost: around RS 10 to RS. 50 costs are generated in online exam while around RS 300 to RS 400 are charged from per candidate.