The K-Pop all girl band that successfully stole the hearts of millions

The K-Pop all girl band that successfully stole the hearts of millions

The popularity of the K-Pop scene has been increasing in the past few years due to the catchy songs that the many different bands make. They have their unique styles paired with awesome dancing moves, and of course they are all pretty and handsome which boys and girls around the world are dying for. One of these popular K-Pop group is called Black Pink. The BLACKPINK Members Profile – Jisoo, Jennie, Rose and Lisa is obviously an all-girl K-Pop band which has garnered millions of followers around the world.

If you are their loyal followers since last year, then you probably know how they rose to stardom and why they are popular in just a year of them being introduced to the world. YG Entertainment organized them, the same people who got 2NE1 together. So there’s no doubt that these girls will surely follow their footsteps too.

BLACKPINK Members Profile – Jisoo, Jennie, Rose and Lisa

All about Black Pink and their fame and fortune

They were first revealed last Jun 29, 2016 after all of the preparations and teaser commercials for them. YG Entertainment handled these girls’ reputation very well because after that, they had nowhere to go but up. They have released a single album called Square One which was released last August 8, 2016 and one song called “Whistle” became a chart topper. Another song called “Boombayah” also got a spot and both songs became number one and two on the Billboard Digital Songs Chart.

Second Album in all its Glory

After the success of Square One, they released another single album called Square Two which also became a success without a doubt. One song called “Playing with Fire” hit the number one spot on the Billboard Digital Songs Chart. Another song from this album called “Stay” managed to claim the tenth spot which is still equally great whatsoever.

Japanese Debut for their Japanese Fans

On May 16, 2017 Black Pink announced that they will be having a debut in Japan in summer 2017. The debut showcase last July 20 at  Nippon Budokan in Tokyo was attended by over 14,000 people but it was reported that 200,000 people tried to get tickets for the show. They then planned to release a mini album on August 9, 2017 but it was moved to August 30, 2017. There was a Japanese version music video of “Boombayah” which was aired on TV in Japan on May 2017.

These girls really rose to fame even with just a little time of them being introduced in the K-Pop scene, which says a lot since their songs are all wild and really catchy. If you’re a BLINK fan, then you probably know all of these but it’s better that you refresh your mind and get to know them again and again.