Human behaviour is complex blend of emotions and the chemical interactions in the brain sometimes it is very difficult to know how a person may react, behave or interact. Man is a habit forming species as do so many more in the animal kingdom. But this habit which also turns into addictive nature can sometimes destroy the perception of thought and humane emotions. There are so many not so desirable things that you would want to go overboard with and check your emotions too. Alcohol, smoking, drugs and so many others; these addictions not only will cost you your health but deeply hurt your loved ones. The emotional trauma is hard for family and friends and they would try hard to dissuade you and help you get over it. But at one point of time your mind is running towards your addiction than your family. The words of advice just bounce off and you are back to your world of fantasy will gets satisfied with growing your addiction. This is where Non 12 step rehab programs come into picture. The person has to go back to society not feeling ashamed of him but proud and confident that he/ she conquer hi/her enemy – addiction.

non 12 step rehab

Rehab programs

Rehab programs are there to facilitate people to let go of their addictions and lead normal healthy lives when join back to the mainstream society.

Drinking is a major problem; it starts off with social drinking to an addiction. Youngsters fall prey first as they hormones raging and they don’t know how to deal with their problems and drinking gives them some kind of solace. There are others who deal depression by drinking instead of seeking help. Some are party animals and drink away night and day.

There are various programs to deal with all kinds of addictions as proper counsellors, doctors, holistic healers etc have joined hands to bring about a change in society by helping out in the rehab and get the people rid of their addictions.

A right kind of environment with suitable persons tending people, and make them realise to help themselves first. The mindsets have to be changed. The bodies have to recover from all the abuse from addictions.

To veer away from the thoughts of going back and controlling the urge is important. To help the person cope with withdrawal symptoms and get their health back on track.

Keeping the mind occupied and not think about the addiction is utmost, so indulging the person in various activities, indoor and outdoor will give the person to see what it is to live without the addiction.

To make him/her realise that life is more beautiful and there is much more to do and see than getting addicted and withering away.