Latest Trends in Wedding Catering

The traditional wedding reception meal consists of canapes, three course meals and evening buffets. These three course meals can be very expensive and that is why people are ready to experiment with other options such as crisps, dips, nibbles. BBQ, hog roasts or afternoon teas for wedding breakfast and bacon sandwich or cheese toasties in evenings. Wedding Caterers sydney, serve both the traditional and the non-traditional menus. They are committed to deliver a unique and a creative experience. The chefs are known to serve food that is ‘light and fresh’, unlike its other counterparts.

The food planned by the experienced and qualified chefs complements the theme of the wedding. The drinks served with snacks complement each other. Simple food is also prepared for children and food sensitive guests. wedding caterers sydney, personalizes the whole food so that there’s something delicious for everyone. Live cooking is a trend that is catching pace. The guests can watch the food being prepared in front of them. This creates a sense of excitement and a topic of conversation for the guests. It is also called chef stations.

Reception meal is the most important meal in a wedding. It can be served in different ways. Like –

  • Buffet- Different types of food is kept on a long table. Guests serve themselves.
  • Sit down dinner-This is more expensive. Wait staff serves each course of meal. Minimum two courses are served.
  • Food stations- variety of food is kept at different areas of the lobby. Guests serve themselves. Each station has a different theme or menu.
  • Hors d’oeuvres- Guests sit around a table. Food is passed around to guests and the guests serve themselves.

Popsicle cocktails, popcorn food bar, carnival foods, doughnut bars, comfort food, childhood favorites (e.g. cookies with milk), soup shooters instead of shots, do-it-yourself dessert station (e.g. smores) , bubble bars, cake boxes, cereal bars, savory cup cakes, edible vessels, cocktail bars are foods that are trending on weddings. Drink stations are put up so that guests can create their own drinks which also provide interactive catering. Eco menus are also trending. This is for the health conscious guests where food is organic; seasonal food is used in cooking, food that is locally produced is used. Taster menus are where ten different mini courses are served. The food is exotic and hence more expensive.

No matter in what way food is served, the bottom line remains that the guests should be entertained and they should be able to taste something new and unique.