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Look before you Leap- Facts about the Steroid- Testocyp 250

Look before you Leap- Facts about the Steroid- Testocyp 250

Testocyp 250 or Testosterone cypionate is a synthetic androgenicanabolic steroid and testosterone ester usually administered to treat Hypogonadism. It is popular among athletes and body builders as aperformance enhancer. It is necessary to have basic knowledge about the steroid before using it. Testocyp is the brand name of testosterone ester manufactured by Alpha Pharma Healthcare.

Pharma logical Uses of Testocyp: As it resembles Testosterone in structure, men who have lower levels of testosterone, lower libido are usually given Testacy in lower doses to produce increased male sex organ effects like increase in sex drive, development of skeletal muscles and bones, improvement of testis in size. It is also used in treatment of breast cancer.

What do Users tend to do? Body builders have long been using this as their go to drug for muscle enhancement for their own purpose. It gives them increased strength and thus help in training for extended period with more energy. As muscle repair is also done at a faster rate athlete use it for increased performance rather than for medical purpose.

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Dosage: Testocyp is available in injection ampoules of 1ml.The required dosage is determined by the medical practitioner which varies to different patients based on their requirement in hormone replacement therapy usually from 50mg-250mg per week. It is usually injected along with cotton or sesame oil only in to the buttocks. Results are noted only after 2-3 days of injection.

What do users tend to do? Body builders who target increase in mass in their body tend to overtake without medical supervision. Their psyche concentrates on winning on rather than the drug and its pharmacokinetic process in their body. So, it is always advised to have a prescription before taking any synthetically manufactured drug of any kind available in market. You can avail the product by knowing the Testocyp 250 price in India.

Though Testocyp is administration is allowed in lower dosages, body builders tend to go overboard. There have been instances when they take about 200mg-800mg for faster and increased results leading to irreparable and irreversible changes to their bodies.

What are the side effects of Testocyp: Hormones are peptides which bring about varied kind of results even when produced in little quantities. They show their effect by binding to a receptor which in turn produces a chain reaction of sorts in different kinds of metabolic processes. So increased, uncontrolled uses produce many side effects in humans. Some of them reported are:

On Cardiovascular system: cardiac hypertrophy, Cardiomyopathy and high blood pressure.

On Reproductive Organs: Die to disruption in their normal sexual behaviors, potency of men is affected.Gynecomastia or development of breasts in males can occur.

On Nervous system: As androgenic in nature, testocyp tends to disrupt the normal functioning of neurons changing the behavior from euphoria, aggression or depression. This varies because every human is different.

*Bloating, Water retention

*Nausea, Vomiting, diarrhea

*Increased or decreased libido

*Acne, oily skin


Testocyp when taken by women produces virilization due to increase in Testosterone functions in female reproductive organs which are irreversible even when taken in smaller amounts like:

*Irregular menstrual cycles

*Enlarged Clitoris

*Hair growth all over the body

*Deepening of voice.

As said above the negative effects of synthetic steroids are far more than positives. So, it’s better to look before you dive into Testocyp usage.

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