The Lotus Flower and its Symbolic Meaning in Buddhism

Buddhist symbols are plenty, and one of the popular ones is the lotus flower. In fact, it’s one of the most distinguished and recognizable symbols in all of Buddhism. Take a visit inside many Buddhist temples, and you’ll find it in just about every one of them. It can even be seen in monuments, pagodas, and other establishments.

However, even some of the most orthodox Buddhists don’t know the full, true meaning of the symbolism behind the lotus flower. Some might even know only part of the truths that were told to them by an organized community. As a whole, the lotus flower represents purification of the heart and mind. It’s also seen as the development of the virtues of man and his wisdom that’s required to the path of attaining enlightenment.

The Lotus Flower in Buddhism and its Origins

Some might think that the symbol of the lotus flower started with Buddhism, but it originally came from the Hindu religion. This particular symbol is also prominently found in the Egyptian iconography wherein it’s denoted as a sign of rebirth. At its core, the thought of continuous rebirth with the sign of the lotus flower flows into our conscious awareness that should help us reach enlightenment. Since the roots of the flower are burrowed in the mud, it reflects our base desires.

What do the Colors of the Lotus Flower Symbolize?

When looking at the overall image of the lotus flower, it’s meant to purify the mind while attaining spiritual enlighten. However, the lotus flower is, in fact, riddled with multifaceted meanings, especially when we’re taking a look at its petals. White lotus flower petals symbolize purity of the body and mind. According to Buddha, to attain Nirvana, you have to cultivate good deeds while abstaining from evil through the practice of Dharma. As for the red lotus petals, it relates to the positive qualities found in the heart. The symbolism of red lotus flower petals is the need for us to offer compassion and love for our fellow humans, as well as the openness to receive it.

What do Pink Lotus Flower Petals Symbolize?

Many see the lotus flower with pink petals and know that it’\s known as the Supreme flower. The pink lotus flower symbolizes creation, the attainment of full enlighten, and purity. This color of the lotus is also mostly associated with Buddha, as it’s often depicted in the same image or picture.

When the lotus flower is depicted to have closed petals, it represents the potential for growth as a person. It also symbolizes the opportunity to reach enlightenment.