Make a Beautiful Story with Your Star

In current years, there are numbers of services have increased to give people the opportunity to name a star. They could name them after their names or to their loved ones who passed away. These services are known and called Name a Star – Buy a Star to some companies. Lots of people are getting interested in it. However, the methods for naming stars have altered over the centuries. It was governed immediately by the International Astronomical Union or IAU.

Proper naming for the stars

Stars have different names and most people in the world know it. There are stars have proper names. Other stars are named according to their brightness. Some also are named for their formation within the constellation. There are definitely some sorts of explanation to each name given to the stars. But most are naming them based on its mythological connotation.

The facts and myths of the stars

Just as numbers of constellations are correlated with legends and myths, the stars were named after them. One example is the Gemini constellation that represents Queen Leda’s twin sons of Sparta. This twin could not be separated even death by one of them. The twin’s names are named after the 2 bright stars in that constellation. These twin bright stars are called Castor and Pollux.

The names behind the 7 bright stars

These 7 bright stars were named after the 7 daughters of Atlas and Pleione of the Pleiades pursued by Orion. They were Celaeno, Alcyone, Maia, Electra, Sterope, Merope, and Taygeta. The brightest star in the constellation called Canis Major was given a proper name called Sirius, which means scorching or searing. The story behind its name was derived from the ancient Egyptians’ theory. It happened in early August when Sirius rose with the sun. They believe that it added more heat to the sun. This is where the origin of the phrase came from which is “dog days summer” for this particular period. Sirius nickname is “Dog Star”.