Meditation Cushions

Meditation experience

Meditation is one of the techniques to relax mind and body by following its principles. This is a known practice from centuries to attain self-consciousness.

There are various asanas mentioned in the scriptures by our ancestors which are being used as a reference. Some of the common postures include Vajrasana (Kneeling down position), Sukhasana (Cross-legs), Siddhasana, Padmasana (Lotus), Savasana (Lying down).One would use one or any of these asanas as part of their meditation routine. In general, everyone would start with Padmasana and end with Savasana.

ability of meditation

The ability of meditation in any of these asanas is based on the flexibility of the body. To achieve nirvana state, one would be in meditativeness for a longer period of time. Since it is difficult to stay for prolonged periods when they are in discomfort due to physical factors, one would require support for a comfortable transition in meditation process.

Accessories like Cushions (Pillows) will help to have a comfortable and support during this process.

There are various types and shapes available. One can shop meditation pillows according to their requirements.

Following are few of the benefits where a person can comfortably sit for longer durations without any back support.

  • To comfort or maintain the posture of Spinal cord (Avoiding Back Aches)
  • Elevate pelvis for a free blood flow between spine to feet
  • To avoid discomfort during meditation

These benefits would help to prolong the meditative state and one can choose based on body type, height, weight and their preference of Asana.

Various shapes of cushions (like V shape, half moon, Round, Rectangle, chair and so on) are available in the market. However, irrespective of its shape there are various types of filling used in pillows across the world.

Following are few of the fillings used in the meditation pillows(cushions)

  • Buckwheat Hull (Outer part of a Buckwheat grains)
  • Kapok fibre (Naturally found from a Kapok tree)
  • Wool Fillers (Filled with woollen material)
  • Beans
  • Cotton (Budget friendly but not eco-friendly)
  • Polyester (Budget-friendly)
  • Air (Travel-friendly option)

One can choose any type of pillow based on their comfortability, budget and the one which works best for them.

Meditation experience is improved with the help of these aids when one could comfortably be in the meditative state for longer durations. These pillows act as a tool to provide the required amount of support and comfort to the body while being in the meditative state for longer period.