Meditation Techniques to Clear the Mind, Body, and Soul

complicated techniques

Meditation is one of the things that we would really want to do. But for most of us, our busy minds will make sitting down to meditate a real challenge. It will turn out to be an exercise in frustration, rather than make us feel more relaxed. So if you’re a beginner, what can you possibly do to make this work?

Meditation Techniques

           Learning the basics would be the best move. We can’t do the more advanced techniques yet. What we can do is learn the basic meditation techniques, and move to more complex ones in time. Here are the most basic meditation techniques to get you started.

Meditation Technique

            This is by far one of the best meditation techniques for beginners. This is an ancient technique, but very powerful and effective. You can simply watch your breath and make your mind focus on something in a relaxed way. You can start by getting yourself in a comfortable position. Investing in good meditation cushions will help. Then close your eyes, and begin to observe how you breathe. Pay attention to how it feels. If your mind wanders, go back to concentrating on your breathing pattern.

The Mindfulness Meditation

            This meditation technique will allow you to be “just there” by paying attention to the sensations of the body. You can start focusing on your breathing, then allow yourself to be aware of other sensations, how you sit, or where you feel a bit tensed or tingling, and what part of your body is at ease. Your goal is to become a neutral observer.

The Mantra Meditation

            What is that word that you keep hearing from people who are meditating? Yes, you’re right. That’s the ancient Sanskrit word, “aum”. This is a mystical syllable that is often used in chants or meditative mantra. When you repeat a sacred word, you can bring your mind to focus. You can say the mantra aloud, or you can also repeat it silently.

The Walking Meditation

            If sitting for a long time is not your thing, try walking meditation technique. You can do this anywhere. Just focus on your body as it moves. The sway of your arms, your legs, how your feet rise and touch the ground. When your mind starts to wander, focus back on your movements.

These are four of the easiest meditations that you can try. As a beginner, it would be a challenge at the start, but as you go along, and can discipline and train yourself to focus, you can then move up the most complicated techniques. Meditate today, and you will feel better about yourself and your surroundings.