Mobile subscriptions – A knowhow

Customize your mobile plans according to your needs. All providers charge differently for the same services. There are many subscription plans available in the market. You will have to decide what type of plan you would like to choose. For that, first you will have to know what are your requirements. Questions like -How many calls you will be making on a monthly basis; you will be calling on mobile phones or landline phones; what types of calls will you be making- long distance, local or international calls; how much will be your data usage etc. has to be answered.

Now you will have to weigh all the plan options provided by subscribers. The main five plans most people use are-

  • Contract plans- makes you sign up for a contract of one or two years. You will have to pay every month but you will have to keep paying until the contract is over. Extra penalty is charged if the contract is cancelled.
  • Pre paid plans- helps you to pay for all the usage in advance. Recharges come in a range of prices and you can switch which recharge option you want according to your need. If you use all your credit on pre-paid plan, you will have to recharge your account before you can use this service again.
  • Post paid plan- is you have to choose a plan and every month your Telco will bill you and refresh your plan on the first day of the billing cycle. When all the credit is exhausted, you will be allowed to continue using the plan for an extra fee. This fee will be added to your next monthly bill.

  • Family plan gives free or low rate calling plans between the family members. It mixes up the plan offers so that each member of your family has a phone line.
  • Unlimited plan is where you can use all the facilities as you wish and make the payment accordingly.

There are many new subscription offers given by different mobile manufacturers and network providers because of cutthroat competition. The ball is in your court to decide which plan is The best for you.