Rehab for Rejuvenation

Drug addiction is a chronic brain disease which compels a person to seek drugs irrespective of their harmful effects on the person and the people around them. Being aware of the severe harm caused by drug consumption the people cannot refrain themselves from drugs intake as it badly influences the brain function, because the components present in drugs affect the nucleus accumbens by increasing the release of the neurotransmitter dopamine which gives an extreme pleasure and satisfaction.

The people who are unable to overcome their addiction or the family or friends who want to support such people and help them to lead a normal life can approach for medical support which is termed as drug rehabilitation or simply known as drug rehab. There are several factors that lead a person to get addicted to drugs. Psychological factors and environmental factors are few of them. Some people being ignorant to prescribed drugs used for deep pain relief become addictive while using them because of the relaxation feel given by them. When it comes to the psychological factors the people, who suffer from severe mental illness like depression, who lead a stressful life with poor stress handling skills, loneliness and who faced physical or mental abuse tend to get addicted to drugs.

For simplification of the existing drugs they can be mainly divided into three types. They are:

  • Depressants, they slow down the central nervous system and make people more relaxed and less aware of the situations around them.
  • Stimulants, these drugs speed up the central nervous system and make people feel more happy, helps to increase physical activity on the other hand decreases appetite of the person.
  • Hallucinogens, they are also called as mind altering drugs because they make the person more aware to the senses and surrounding and lead to optical illusion.

By considering the type of drug a person got addicted, a program will be designed by the therapists in a rehabilitation center.

A drug rehab program has few steps to treat a drug addictive. They are:

 Detoxification is a process where an addicted person will be given proper medication to detoxify the drugs consumed by the patient.

Behavioral Therapy helps the people to reform their behavior and socializes them with different physical activities.

Relapse prevention therapy is a collection of techniques to enhance self-control of the person and help them to improve coping up skills in adverse situations.

Along with therapies the person will be given counselling to make him/her more confident and helps them to lead a normal life happily.