Spot a Liar by Observing Behavioural Patterns

Spot a Liar by Observing Behavioural Patterns

Do you want to spot a lie of your boy-friend or girl-friend or do you want to catch mischievous lies of your employers? Spotting a lie sometimes becomes difficult. Some people are natural liars.  They can fake it up genuinely and con you in believing them. However, it is not impossible to spot a liar. The simple technique is to understand few basic methodologies of human psychology. According to research performed by forensic psychologists in California, the trick to detect a liar is to understand psychology of people. Their behavioural patterns and body language helps to do the job. Every liar has certain form of changes in their behaviour. If these are noticed, then it is much an easy task.

How do you spot a liar?

The first thing we notice when we talk to a person is eye contact. If the person does not make a confident eye contact, then there are chances of person lying. Confidence symbolises truth and person who refuses to have direct eye contact, has something to hide. Our golden age poets have always referred “eyes as windows to soul”. Hence, the first indication of a person speaking a lie is absence of eye contact.

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Secondly, when a person is lying, they tend to remember something or make up the stories. You can easily notice the eye expressions of a person.

The other important observation related to eyes is that eye flutter; this happens more rapidly than usual or a person who is lying closes eye lids for more time than normal blinking of eyes. Although these patterns may change from person to person and with situations, these are few of the noticeable changes which can be made related to spotting liars through eye movements. These symbols may act handy as a lie detector tests.

Another important behavioural pattern which we can notice while speaking to a person is head movement. A person’s head movement symbolises many things. Head movement symbols are considered as a serious mode of expressions in many countries. Hence, if a person is not able to answer a direct question without proper head movement, then that person is probably lying to you.

The other behaviour which can be detected easily isthe breathing pattern of a person changes. If a person is not a usual liar, then the breathing pattern of a person changes randomly. The breathing might be heavy or unusual.  It is said to be caused by the reflex action of the body. As an effect to this change in breathing pattern, the voice of the person may turn shallow and change in posture of shoulders. These are the signs which are often observed when an individual gets nervous or anxious. Although there are many more psychological patterns, these are few of them.