A Systematic Process of Using SP Flash Tool

People are aware about cell phone flashing. In this article, we will discuss how to do android phone flashing using SP flash tool. This is one of the most important applications to install and upgrade the firmware in your phone. It also gives you a feature to format and recover the files. You can install your selected boot loaders and with the help of this tool, you can perform memory test. smartphone flash tool works for the betterment of your mobile device.

Step Number One

Before starting the process, you have to ensure that all the device drivers are installed on your laptop. Normally,they are available with stock ROM and there is no need for a separate download.

Step Number Two

The best part is that you can use this flash tool even if you have 10% battery, but it is advised to fully charge your phone before you start flashing. There is an option by which you can flash your phone even without battery. In case your phone is not detecting battery, you need to go to options and select without battery.

It is imperative to download the smartphone flash tool from its official website. Latest versions of this application are available.

Step Number Four

You will get your download in a zip file and extract the flash tool. After extracting the files in a folder you will get many files, click on flash tool file.

Step Number Five

You have to select a text file from the firmware folder and make sure that flashing mode is at download only.

Step Number Six

Connect your smartphone with your laptop by using USB data cable.

You will see the download progress and after completing the flashing process, a box will show up with green tick. This means your task is completed successfully.