The Broccoli Connection

Some people who are aging resort to taking food supplements to defy the effect of aging on physical vigor and appearance. However, there is more to aging than physical decline. As we grow older, we also suffer mental decline. In fact, some resort to the use of pill to prevent mental decline.

The market these days is home to many brain boosters. People seemed to have established the connection between brain health and supplements. They see brain health as correlated to supplements. But is there really truth behind the claimed correlation?

What Does Science Say?

Scientific studies have shown that many herbs, botanicals and superfoods stimulate the activity of the neurotransmitters. These are healthier options than caffeine. Meanwhile all sorts of herbs, vitamins, and fish oil, and other food ingredients have blatantly claimed that they aid mental ability and promote healthy brain. But most of these claims have little or no basis at all with the exception of fish oil supplements. So aside from fish oil, to what else could you resort to improve your brain health?

brain health and supplements

Double B for Brain and Broccoli

Don’t you know that broccoli is good for the brain? It may come to you as a surprise but it does. It all boils down to certain chemicals or nutrients found in broccoli. Broccoli is a source of two Vitamin K and Choline, which are known brain boosters. Vitamin K helps to strengthen cognitive abilities. Choline improves memory. Broccoli also includes a sizeable serving of folic acid, which helps ward off Alzheimer’s disease. Studies suggest that a lack of folic acid could lead to depression, so eating plenty of broccoli could also keep you happy. It was also found that people who eat plenty of broccoli perform better on memory tests.

Rebuilding the Brain

Broccoli a nutritional superhero, fighting cancer and heart disease, strengthening bones, even aiding eyesight. It’s also good for your brain.Aside from boosting the memory and strengthening cognitive abilities, broccoli has a chemical that helps rebuild a part of the brain. Broccoli has sulforaphane that protects and heals the membrane of blood surrounding the brain. Sulforaphane helps rebuild these proteins elevating brain defense to peak health.

After All These Years

So, after all these years, broccoli is not only delicious.  It is a good food for the brain. It does not only develop cognitive skills and memory. The brain can rely on broccoli during times it needs to be rebuilt. Neurogenesis is made possible in broccoli because of sulforaphane. It is a chemical found by researchers to help rebuild brain tissues.

Now let’s go back to the question earlier. Is there really a positive correlation between brain health and the food supplements? With nutrients being identified to boost brain performance and to rebuild brain tissues, we cannot discount the possibility that brain supplements contribute to one’s brain performance. Of course, you always have to consider the use of these supplements in moderation. Everything that is taken in as a consumption should just be enough for our body to use.