The truth about bathrooms and why you need a good one

A bathroom is not just a bathroom, it’s something more that connects to us in a personal way and not because we poop here everyday but for most people this is where they relax after a long hard day.

Tough, stressful or bad day? have a hot bath, lie in the tub, have a ice cold beer or a glass of wine. Listen to music and even have a short nap. If you’re too drunk to go to bed you go to the bathroom to sleep on the toilet bowl after you throw up. Now it’s not really the most comforting words to use but it happens and it’s the truth.

The truth: Truth be told you do have a personal connection with your bathroom and it’s one of the places where you get to have more time for yourself. Same with your living room and your sleeping/bed room. And since this is where you do you ehem… personal stuffs you need to make sure that this place looks good, hygiene wise and even too good to sleep in if possible.

You deserve better: A bad looking bathroom is a bad place to stay in even for a minute and you would just wish that you can finish faster to get away from it. So what do you do? you renovate it. Make it into something that you would even want to stay there the whole day and even inspire you to start a vlog in the bathroom. But jokes aside, if you’re bathroom badly needs a facelift or if the bathroom looks too pink and you’re all a bunch of guys in one flat (awkward) yeah, you should definitely get those things changed with a more manly appeal.

A facelift: If you want your bathroom to have a good facelift it’s important to have a preference, something that you really want so that once the bathroom renovation is done you will be happy with the result and make you love and spend more time in the bathroom even more.

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