What’s New in Bundesliga 2017-18

Bundesliga 2017-18 introduces several firsts according to fußball news. Hence, the 55th season of the most watched football league promises to be more exciting than ever. We highlight the three innovations introduced this season.

Bundesliga welcomes first female referee

The 55th season welcomes the league’s first woman referee to the top flight. 38-year-old police officer Bibiana Steinhaus made history last May when she made to the DFB’s team of referees. A former player herself, Steinhaus made the decision to follow in her footsteps as a coach. Prior to making it to the top flight to coach men’s football, Steinhaus already did this first when she was only 20 years old. She qualified as a chief inspector while playing for the SV Bad Lauterberg. For her first official duty as referee, she officiated the match between Hertha Berlin and Werder Bremen.

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Bundesliga welcomes a video assistant referee

Technology takes center stage in critical decision makings with the aid of an on-call video assistant referee. This time around, there will be little to no doubts when it comes to calls. Hence, clubs, players, and fans are assured of fairness. Its duty is to watch out for incorrect decisions when it comes to goals, penalty calls, red cards, and mistaken identity.

The video assistant referee can help if a Red Card call by the referee is justified or not. In terms of penalty, it can determine if it was right or wrong. At the same time, advise if a penalty was supposed to be given to a player. With regards to the issuance of red, yellow, and yellow-red cards the video assistant referee can prevent situations.

Even so, the final call remains with the referee. However, the aid of the video assistant referee would help improve transparency and objectivity in the game. Another first this 55th season is the practice of two substation boards. This makes it easier for the fourth official to keep tabs on on-pitch proceedings.

Bundesliga promises dry stadia

Fans will be happy to know they’ll be able to stay dry while watching their favorite teams play. This is the promise of Bundesliga 2017-18 for the top and second tier. All clubs must provide a covered stadium for both standing and seating patrons. However, players would still be playing despite the rains. Now, clubs are also allowed to telecast the matches on big screens in real time.

These changes promise to make the 55th season Bundesliga’s most exciting to date.