Always Keep Your Guard High With Women’s Pepper Spray

Keep Your Guard High With Women’s Pepper Spray

Nobody likes to become a victim of any kind of attack and specially women’s. It’s not like whenever we go back to our home after completing office work expecting to get caught into dark passageway, but sadly, we all grow up hearing news and other things like we females are continually being victimized in danger situations.

But the real question which comes how many of us ever thought of what we are going to do if, ever get caught in such situations? Do you even know any self defense techniques for yourself? No matter where you live of who you are, you always need to have some self defense plan and even carry some self defense tools.

Pepper spray for self defense

Top ten self defense tools for women

At first, I was quite surprised after seeing the huge list of self defense tools which are available over online e-commerce sites that ships all around the world. These tools were solely meant for protection and self defense which is not used for killing a person or the attacker.

Top ten tools used for self defense are:

  1. Pepper spray
  2. Key chain for self defense
  3. Personal alarm
  4. Finger rings for safety survival
  5. Batons
  6. Stun guns and tasers
  7. Books full of self defense
  8. Knuckle ring for four fingers
  9. Baseball bat made of aluminum
  10. Credit card knife

Pepper spray for self defense

Women’s pepper spray is the best tool for self defense. The formula used for making pepper spray is aerosol that tends to cause tears, pain, blindness for a short time, and irritates the areas around eyes.

When you use pepper spray for self defense, you have enough time to escape from that dangerous situation. In pepper sprays have oils that are derived out of cayenne pepper and this pepper is said to be the hottest peppers in world. The active ingredient is known as OC (Oleoresin Capsicum) which is reddish orange in color and cannot be mixed into water.

The popularity of women’s pepper spray has grown rapidly over time because of the crimes. This pepper spray is easy to carry around. This pepper spray can easily be bought from online sites at a very affordable rate.