Difficulties in getting a green card

If you are an excellent worker or employer, then there are number of chances for you to get on-site projects. You will have to fly to other countries in order to complete your projects. In such cases, you may not know which type of visa will be apt for you. There are multiple visas and many types of green card in the country. Here, you will need the help or assistance of an immigration lawyer. The immigration attorney el paso can help you in deciding the right type of visa for your type. He or she will suggest you with best suitable visa. They will first review all your particulars like qualification, designation, current visa status and more. By using these information they will give you the right choice.

If you are unmarried, the procedure for getting green card is different. At the same time, for a married person it would differ. The married person have choices to get immediate green card through k-3 visas. Or you can use an immigrant visa and enter the country. Later, you can apply for a green card over there. Remember it is always dangerous to pick the fastest way. This will lead you into trouble. In such cases, you can ask help from the immigration attorney el paso. They will give you legal ideas through which you will be able to get a visa or green card without any trouble. This can reduce you frustration and worry.

For an employee from a foreign country to settle down in United States will take lot more procedures. Some company may take all the responsibilities to get them with visa and green card. Some companies may not avail this option. You will have to make proper arrangements to get the visa or green card. You need to establish an advertisement on your job. There are high chances for you to go wrong with this way. Once your advertisement is approved, then you need to complete the labour certification. When all the above mentioned procedures are successful you will be able to get the visa or green card.