The morale patches are a very old culture of military troops as it was used during world war first and since from then, it becomes a permanent part of military services. Over the past century, the patches have been echoed in Girl Scout merit badges. In NASA, before every mission,morale patches are created and then it is presented to everyone in the team. This same was performed by mountaineers of the 18th century.

Design of patches

Early brand companies are partnering with each other to make now to make heavy competitions to new coming in the market. Then they extended to activities, characters and other abstract designs. “Morale patches were a great way to do that: I like this brand, this sport, this activity.”

The patches took off. Triple Aught Design didn’t just make morale patches. It began sewing Velcro strips onto the patches and its backpacks, caps,and coats. The popularity of morale is so much increasing that every e-commerce companies are selling morale patches inline on their websites.

The recent improvement in morale patches

In recent years, morale patches have extended far beyond Triple Aught Design and Prometheus Design Werx. With increasing in demands designers are making it more attractive and more inspiring. Even nowadays police forces are also using patches. Below some important points are given to show you all improvements is the design of morale patches.

  • Many more have a meme-like quality, capturing momentary fascinations as well as corners of pop culture buried in dust: Tupac, Dog the Bounty Hunter, LaCroix water.
  • Characters like Zero F— Duck show up on a patch, and then evolve into dozens of forms as producers riff on one another’s designs.
  • In San Francisco, many companies started to establish a company of morale patches such one company was ma left aught design started working in2011.

In 1997 first company was established by ma which offers design possibilities for morale patches.  Founder of Aught triple design had made some beautiful clothes and gears.


When a friend sent Patrick Ma a recent photo of Lionel Richie’s daughter Sophie wearing a sheer top strategically covered in patches reading.Morale patches are designed from last two decade I mass quantity and also it has been prime focused that quality must be maintained in the case for competing in the market. Some technological design has completely made miracles in this industry so one cannot say that morale patches are the talk of past it is evolving day by day with new innovation.