What You Need to Know About Basic Meditation

Know About Basic Meditation

You heard about the benefits of meditation like it improves blood circulation, lowers heart rate, slows the respiratory rate, lowers your blood pressure, lessens stress and decreases anxiety. With this, you’ve been yearning to try and practice it. The challenge is you do not know where to start.

That is a problem easy to solve. Not knowing where to start is not an excuse to keep you from meditating. It is imperative that you start as soon as you can as time is passing and you are wasting its benefits. The thing about meditation for beginners is that you do not need to go to an exclusive area practice it. You can also make good use of guided meditation MP3s as your tool. This is practically best for beginners as it can give you step-by-step instructions as a form of introduction.

Approaches to meditation

Meditation is actually a relaxation technique or training the mind.  Here’s what you need to know more about meditation:

Approaches to meditation

There are different approaches to meditation. There’s concentration meditation and mindfulness meditation. Concentration meditation is converging on a single point, meaning focusing your awareness on a specific chosen object. This could be following your breath, repeating a mantra, staring at a flame and many more. Since it is difficult for beginners, the concentration will only entail few minutes but as you go along, it will be longer.

The mindfulness meditation encourages awareness of how feelings and thoughts move in patterns. As you go along, you will become more adept at how humans rashly judge an experience.

Frequency of meditation

Meditation has no frequency. If you choose to meditate more than once in a day, you are free to do that but for beginners, set yourself to once a day first before gradually increasing if you deem needed. Most people find it effective to meditate in the morning before they eat breakfast. For beginners, meditation will seem to be like a chore but you will learn to enjoy it as time goes by.

Length of meditation

For beginners, meditating for few minutes is difficult. Do not give up if you feel that you are not doing better. This is the time that you master the approaches. Ideally, start doing meditation for at least fifteen minutes. You can increase gradually. When you are finally enjoying, it will take more time and you wouldn’t even notice it.

Having fun is easier said than done but really, the secret here is to have fun. When you think of it less than a task or a routine that you need to accomplish, the more you will enjoy the process. Who would ignore this chance to relax? Relaxation is up to you and it matters to do it now. Many people can help you do not worry.