Online Relationship Safety – The Red Flags

Online Relationship Safety

With almost everyone connected to the internet, it is just about right that dating go digital as well. The Internet is a platform that is available to almost everyone and there are many happy ending stories that came from meeting their true love online. While there are happy endings, there are also horror stories and these are what needs attention. People are lulled into complacency by the popularity and commonality of online dating. Bad things happen simply because people are not being careful online. Adding to the chaos would be the proliferation of the online dating app, which brought the virtual dating scene available to everyone and everywhere. Read on below for a few common sense tips that may help you find true love and not a horror story online.

Keep Friends and Family In The Loop

     Always let at least your roommate or a close family member know what is going on and leave a paper trail of who you are meeting or about to meet. Again common sense should be kicking in at this point. If no one knows you will be out no one will come looking in case of trouble. A paper trail would mean at the very least a phone number and a complete name to leave at your friend’s phone as an SMS will do.

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Don’t Get Drunk

     Simple and straightforward, do not put yourself in harm’s way by passing out dead drunk in your dates car. This is just not practical when you are going out on a “getting-to-know” date with an unknown person at least physically. A couple of drinks might be fine but again, remember the horror stories, what if your date turns out to be a predator?

Make It Public

      Meet in a public place. Your very first ever meeting should be where there are a lot of people. It could be a coffee shop, a restaurant, or a museum. This would give you that opportunity to have a feel for the person, kind of like a test drive for a car, before agreeing to meet him in a private place.


      Trust your gut. If a situation does not feel “right” that is your subconscious telling you something is wrong and that you should heed the warning bells. Remember that you are under no obligation whatsoever to continue any date that you are on. So if the situation feels awkward and uncomfortable, excuse yourself and walk away.