Review – How Does A Pepper Spray Work

How Does A Pepper Spray Work

Most of us know what pepper spray is. For anyone who doesn’t, it is not a big deal. Pepper spray is one of the traditional ways of dealing with a molester, robber, or anyone who poses some threat to you on the street mostly. The reason why pepper spray is one of the most used means of self-defense is because it doesn’t cause any prolonged harm. It only stings the attacker for some time so that you can escape and probably take help from the cops.

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A lot of people wonder how a pepper spray works. It is efficient enough to sting to death as soon as it is sprayed but leaves no effects once it subsides. And this is the very reason why besides commoners, even law uses it on subject who don’t cooperate. Pepper spray comes in small aerosol bottle so that you can carry it easily in your bag or even pocket. When someone attacks you and threatens you, all you have to do is spray it on the face of the attacker.

There are three kinds of pepper sprays. In one, there is a super thin outlet that allows a stream of pepper liquid out under high pressure. If not this mechanism, the pepper liquid comes out in a mist or fog form. All of these mechanism help the pepper spray hit the target. The fog pepper spray is considered to be the best self defense pepper spray since it covers more area.

A pepper spray is made of oleoresin capsicum which is found in most of the hot peppers. This is an oily substance of hot pepper that makes them spicy, hot, and gives a burning sensation. The element called capsaicin found in oleoresin capsicum is so hot and stingy that it has the capability to cause blisters on skin even with as little as one milligram of it.

As soon as you spray the pepper spray on the attacker’s face, it delivers the effect as quick as a bolt. The attacker will instantly feel intense burning sensation all over his face, mouth, nose, and even the lungs. This intense and unbearable burning is caused by the chili pepper solution that is stored under high pressure inside the spray bottle. The pain and stinging distracts the attacker such that he’d leave you immediately and engage in the act of rubbing his eyes and face to get rid of the pain.