Rubber Washers- An Important Part Of All The Fixtures

Rubber Washers- An Important Part

What is a washer?

Washers fall under the hardware category of objects that are of the shape of a thin plate. The characteristic feature of these washers is the hole in the middle that makes them easy to fit between the two surfaces, nuts and bolts easily. The main function of it is to provide equal load distribution on the two surfaces between which it is used. The material used in the making of these useful equipments can be some metal or plastic, though rubber is also used in the manufacturing of effective rubber washers that have many uses in the industries as well as at homes.

manufacturing of effective rubber washers

Different types

Washers are distinguished by their diameters and a single unit has two of them, the outer one that decides the size and the inner one that decides the overall area of the hole. Many different types are available in the market in the present time. They come in different varieties, shapes, sizes, materials and are suitable for all types of applications. Some of the commonly used type’s are-

  • Plain washers- They spread the load equally and prevent surface damage as well.
  • Locking washers- Mainly provide unscrewing rotation that prevents the loosening or fastening of the surfaces.
  • Spring washers- Prevent loosening in case of continuous vibrations.
  • Rubber washers- Preferred at places that are in direct contact with moisture or water.

Rubber washer and its uses

Various types of machines and equipments are used in the industries and an important component of them is the washer. They prevent the wears and tears to the machine joints while they are operated. Also they are the best options that prevent the rusting between the joints as rubber has non corrosive properties. Along with being stretchable, these washers are flexible and easy to use.