Top Runescape Locations for Gold Mining

Runescape Locations for Gold Mining

Runescape is an online multi-player game which was created some 10 years ago. One commodity in this game that has become popular over the years is gold. Other gamers even buy rs gold cheap from other players as these items are what defines the best player. There are several other ways you can get gold in Runescape like mining it yourself. Here are some of the best places where you can mine Runescape gold.

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Grand Tree Mine

Once you have completed the Grand Tree quest, you are now ready to maximize the benefits with the Grand Tree. This location is among the best areas where you can mine gold. Here you will find several rocks that contain gold, silver and coal, among others. Most of the time, you’ll be the only miner in the area so no need to fret about anyone taking advantage of you. You can also drop off your inventory and get back to the mine in no time since you can just teleport to the nearest bank.

Crafting Guild

To get to this level, you’ll need to have a level of at least 40. There are several gold rocks in this guild located in the eastern portion. There are also silver and clay rocks near it. The Crafting Guild is available to all players and members. The drawback here is that the area is pretty far from the bank so it might take you quite a while to drop off your gold. The guild also gets crowded most of the time especially on the F2P gaming world.

TzHaar City Mine

This location has only three gold rocks but it is actually one of the best places to look for gold. The TzHaar City Mine is for members only so you can be assured of limited competition. Banks are also quite near that you can drop off your gold and get back to mining in no time. To pass the time, you can also mine silver rocks. Near the Tzhaar City Mine is the Karamja Volcano where you can also mine gold rocks.

Mining gold is probably the ultimate goal of any Runescape player. If you have more than enough you can even trade it to players who want to buy rsgold cheap for themselves. There are several places in the gaming world where you can earn gold. All you need is a little strategy and a keen eye