Unbiased sweat with Kayla Review by Barbara

sweat with Kayla Review by Barbara

Sweat with Kayla is an amazing app for remaining fit and healthy. I have been using the Sweat with Kayla e-book since several weeks for getting in shape and i had really loved it and so i decided to buy the mobile app too to get a better guide for workout. I have written my entire Sweat with Kayla Review on This is an unbiased review of the app and i have written this review after complete analysis of the mobile app and i have written this so that other users can benefit out of it. My review about the app is that it is little disappointing and not upto the expectations.

Kayla Itsines BBG

Although reading the word disappointing about the app may not sound good but still let me explain you clearly about my major feelings about the Sweat with Kayla app. If you have already spent  lot of money for the original version of the Kayla Itsines BBG e-books then it is of no use to buy this app. This app is priced at the exactly same price as the e-books and so it is good for people who are new to BBG. There is almost nothing which is new in the mobile app as compared to the BBG e-books. And on top of it you need to read it on a small screen, but if you are looking to access from anywhere then mobile app must be preferred.

Another benefit of the mobile app is that if you subscribe to the app then you get a lifetime copy of the Kayla’s BBG e-books with just one time payment. But the BBG 3.0 which was mentioned in the mobile app turned out to be another big disappointment. I was expecting something new and beneficial in the version 3.0 of the amazing BBG. It is basically only recycled material i.e. same as the earlier version and nothing new to it. Also i lost all my workout sessions as soon as i chose to discountine the subscription of the app. Although kayla promises to add a lot of new content for the subscribers at the rate of $19.99 per month, we do not find out anything new in the app at all.