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If you have children, one of the most important things to make sure of is their safety. Sometimes, we tend to ignore possible threats to their safety. These threats could cause unintentional injuries. And these injuries sometimes lead to death. This guide will help you to childproof your home. It is better to take safety measures and keep your family safe.


Most parents think that the bedroom is a safe haven for their children. This place is where we fail to childproof most of the times.

  • Crib

Check the crib. The crib must meet the safety standards. Make sure there are no cords tangled in the crib. Keep it away from windows or tables.

  • Window guards

Installing window guards will give you an assurance of your children’s  safety.


There are many accidents that happen in the bathroom. Childproofing this place is very important.

  • Safety latches and locks

Install safety guards on toilets. These will ensure that your children will not get in them. All cabinets and drawers should have safety latches and locks. Especially those that contain medicine or any other hazardous materials.

children’s safety

  • Anti-scald device

Ask a plumber to install an anti-scald device for the faucets and showerhead. Regulating the water temperature will help prevent burns.


This place also has many accidents waiting to happen. Ensuring your children’s safety here is also a must.

  • Stove knobs

Locking the stove knobs will keep your children from igniting the stove burners.

  • Garbage disposal safety cover

Installing a safety cover on the garbage disposal will ensure your children’s safety.

  • Safety latches and locks

Securing any drawers and cabinets will keep your children from accidents. Those that contain knives, and scissors should have safety latches and locks. Make sure your household cleaners are always kept away from their reach.

Throughout the house

The children should always be safe wherever they go in your house. Make sure you childproof all parts of the house.

  • Window-blind cords

Cutting these cords will prevent your children from getting entangled. Safety tassels and inner cords are often used by most parents.

  • Cover unused outlets

There are sliding covers for outlets. These are better than the push-in ones. The children may choke on the push-in ones if they pull them out and eat it.

  • Safety gates

Any stairs in the house should have safety gates. This will prevent your children from falling over.

  • Corner and edge bumpers

Installing these will prevent injuries when they bump against corners and edges. These include tables and countertops.

  • Doorstops and door holders

The children’s fingers may get crushed or pinched in doors and door hinges. Doorstops and door holders will prevent this from happening.

  • Cordless phones

Switch to cordless phones. This will prevent your children from getting tangled in phone cord. You can keep an eye on them easier since you can move around the house with the phone.

Making the environment safe for your children is a priority for parents. It reduces the risk of accidents. Quadwalls can help you ensure that your new home has childproofing. Your children’s safety will make you feel confident.