Use of technologies, a weapon for companies and entrepreneurs

Importance of technology in growing companies
Entrepreneurs work on their projects at Nailab, a Kenyan firm that supports technology startups, behind the latest initiative, which targets entrepreneurs for their ideas on providing sex education through technology and social media in Nairobi, Kenya, July 4, 2016. REUTERS/Thomas Mukoya - D1BETNPFQKAA

The management of technologies has ceased to be an option for both established companies and those who wish to undertake. Today, getting to know the digital world closely and understanding its opportunities and threats can be very useful to achieve success at low costs and with lower risks.

The role of new technologies in social entrepreneurship

The traditional letters and stamps have been moved by email, the scanner is now more used than fax, the phone is now combined click for more with chat, and meetings are held kilometers away and by teleconference.

It is the so-called digital age, which through the incorporation of new and efficient technologies, has been leaving aside the old corporate work practices. For today’s companies, technology is daily and being part of it is “not an option”, The digital tools arrived at the companies some decades ago, when one could still decide to use them or not. Today, however, they have become indispensable elements to achieve success in business. but not anymore Today is an element of the environment in which any company, dedicated to what is dedicated, has to interact, that is why all companies have to know what the digital world means, understand what their opportunities and threats are, and adapt to that, “he says.

Importance of technology in growing companies

But not only companies can use technology for their own benefit. The entrepreneurs also have much to gain leverage the opportunities offered by the digital world. If until a few years ago to start a business it was necessary to have time, money and a lot of dedication, today it is easier, since the option to work from anywhere, making use of new technologies, has allowed making minor investments with low-risk levels. The digitalization of companies reduces the fear of being wrong and increases the spirit of entrepreneurship, say the specialists.

In short, digital tools have made it possible for entrepreneurship to be much more accessible and less risky. Success is not guaranteed but the experience is always good and experts agree that “all the advantages are there, you just have to dare and bet on technology”.

The constant economic and competitive challenges in each of the countries represent a challenge to be met. A tool that has come to revolutionize the handling of information and help with the fulfillment of the objectives established in different areas, is technology.

The technology through digitalization and improvement of processes allows having savings in costs and time.