People in today’s fast paced world binge eat on snacks and in fact love to have snacks a lot. There are many times when you can find youngsters and adults replacing their meal just to relish their favourite snack item. Snacking on chips and fries is clearly a bigger trend than what you may expect in today’s world. This is probably one of the reasons why many brands look forward to introduce new snack items very often.

Everyone today binges on snacks at some point in the day; whether as a replacement meal or just a snack during their break. How about checking some of the best and healthy snacks singapore as a meal replacement?

The trend of Healthy snacking

The latest trend is eating healthy and this includes protein and multi grain snacks. Both sugary and savory snack items include yogurts, multi grain breads, buckwheat, barley, nutritious grains, roasted peanuts, sunflower seeds and more.

Few of the Singapore snacks include

  • Lotte happy moments choco pie
  • The jelly bean factory berry burst tube
  • Munchy’s lexus chocolate cream sand
  • Britannia 50-50 Maska Chaska biscuit crackers
  • Haldiram chana nuts
  • Doritos taco tortilla chips
  • And also, there are few healthy including,
  • Britannia digestive
  • Britannia wheat rusk
  • Bahlsen leiniz zoo honey biscuit

Snacking can be for many reasons. Whether it is a birthday party or just get together, keeping  bunch of snacks is always the best choice. There are many times when people end up binge eating on snacks while watching television or playing a game. It is also known as distracted eating. So, what’s your reason for snacking on these popular snack items?