Blood Work For The Heart Function Tests

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Blood samples are used to contact tests that will show whether your heart is healthy. The fact that the heart pumps blood to all other parts of the body, it can easily show the presence of any disease. It will also show the risk of one developing heart disease. Your doctor will refer you to good and reliable testing facilities that will ensure trusted results. Below are various blood work for heart function tests that are done to detect heart diseases.

Blood Tests to Detect Heart Attacks

Patients who complain to have chest problems all the time are first tested to check whether they have a heart attack. Doctors mostly rely on blood tests to monitor your general body health. Blood tests also can be used to measure the damage level of other body substances as well as the general health of your heart.

Electrocardiogram Test

This test is mainly done to show whether your heart beats normally. The ECG machine has wire leads which are inserted in your chest and then connected to the machine. The machine reads your heart impulse and prints them for quick reading. The doctor will then use the results to detect a heart attack or heart rhythms that are not normal. They will then recommend the best treatment or way out for quality heart health.

Nuclear Cardiac Stress Test

During this test, a substance called tracer is injected in your bloodstream to release energy in your heart. Special cameras are then used to take photos of your heart which doctors use to check how your heart pumps blood. It also shows muscle damages if any as well as how much blood is flowing in your heart.

These are the main blood work for heart function tests as provided by qualified and certified clinics such as Cardiocare.