Different Types of Humidifiers for your Home


Do you find yourself having to adjust to temperature changes frequently at home? During the winter time, humidifiers add moisture and water to indoor air since it can often be very dry. Having the best humidifier for the bedroom is your best choice to maintain good air circulation.

Different Types of Humidifiers for your Home

With so many to choose from, sometimes it’s hard to tell if it’s reliable or not as it can be a challenge to find the perfect humidifier that can get the job done without a constant need for maintenance. Luckily, humidifier technology has made a huge improvement over the years and it’s now easy to tell what’s good from what isn’t.

Now, humidifiers are easier to maintain, more silent, and have drastically improved other features. Here are a few types of humidifiers that you should look into:

What are the Types of Humidifiers?

Okay, so before you start choosing what is best for your home, take a look at these different types of humidifiers and see what fits your interest the most:

  • Air wash humidifiers – Air wash humidifiers are the best choice if you want to just keep the air in your living space clean. This humidifier has rotating discs that remove and retain airborne impurities, which include particles of pollen, large dust, and others. It also returns clean, cool mist and properly humidified air into your room. Take note that these kinds of humidifiers require regular maintenance and a thorough rinse on a regular basis.
  • Ultrasonic warm and cooling mist humidifier – These are the most common types of humidifiers available on the market. This one emits liquid water in a form of mist into the air which evaporates before it touches the ground, thus increasing the humidity in the room. A silent fan pushes the mist up and out into the room. This kind of humidifier is the best choice if you are looking for a low maintenance humidifier with less need for regular maintenance.
  • Steam Vaporizer with Warm Mist Humidifier – This kind of humidifier has a heating element in the unit which heats up the water before dispersing it into the air. Through heating the water, organic compounds and bacteria are eliminated.