Finding the Right Mao Shan Musang Durian in the Market

durian musang king

The durian season is right here! Being the “King of Fruits”, the buttery and seasonal fruit comes with a spiky exterior and is mostly found in Southeast Asia. This fruit is well-known for its different and distinctive smell but is loaded with several health benefits.

The durian season mainly comes between June and September month and sometimes from December to February. This is the time when the price of cat mountain king durian drops significantly since there is an increase in the supply –offering durian-lovers a good chance to enjoy the fresh and great-tasting durians. But, do you know many dealers in the market sell fake durians, yes you heard it right. You must choose the right dealer when buying Mao Shan Durian online.

How to Buy Durian Online? Things to Know

Unfortunately, learning how to choose the right Mao Shan Wang will not guarantee you a good durian. Many Durian lovers will not know that there are good durians and bad durians too. Thus, you need to be very careful when buying it. The customers can find the bad Mao Shan in case they get dishonest sellers online who:

  • Provide a lesser quantity
  • Expensive
  • Poor quality
  • Bait and switch

But, when you learn to pick the right Mao Shan Durian online, then it improves your odds of finding and enjoying the right durian but still, it is always good to choose a reliable and honest durian seller. You can research online and find the best durian seller online.