Hamed Wardak – Helping Hand To Many

Hamed Wardak - Helping Hand To Many

Persons who are concerned about the welfare of others will remain in the history. Selflessness makes a person a noble man. Not just thinking about our own good but trying to bring good change in the lives of many around us is a virtue. Not everyone will possess this.

One such person who possess this great quality is Hamed Wardak. He is a man who was born in elite family and has turned out to be a good philanthropist. He was born In Afghanistan. His father, Abdul Rahim Wardak, was a Defence Minister of Afghanistan.

Though he was educated in the US,later he moved to his home land to serve his people. He was one of the founders of the Campaign for a US-Afghanistan Partnership.Through this non profit entity, Hamed has done a commendable service to his people.

Bridges and canals were built which improved transportation. Hamed Wardak and his team has taken great security measures for their country. They worked with Afgan people and America people to achieve the goals of millennium i.e. sustainable development.

Prolonged civil war in his country has made his fellow brothers and sisters to leave their country. He dedicated much of his life to the development of his home country refugees. While working hard to integrate them locally, he also contributed by pen down his experiences. His writings show the ground reality and give good insights about the current happenings in the place.

He started a venture called Ludas Athletics. Part of profits from this venture was donated to the benefit of refugees. His venture is also partnered with other associations and helping the disadvantaged youth. They help with providing scholarships to the locals.

His excellence and vision and benevolence are bringing changes in the lives of many and making him reach great heights in life.