How To Check Vanilla Visa Balance?

Vanilla Visa Gift Card

A Visa Vanilla card is very similar to the other prepaid gift cards or debit cards. These cards are flexible money management card and are used for everyday spending and purchases. These cards are reloadable and needs a sign up.  These cards are activated by a merchant or a cashier with an activation fee. The funds in the card never expire and there is no personal information required for activation. After the activation of the card, no additional fee or charges are charged on the card.

The vanilla visa card cannot be used at ATMs or banks and the cardholders cannot use the card to obtain cash at the time of sale. The amount of purchase is deducted at the time of sale, including taxes or any additional charges.  There is no PIN associated to the card that is needed at the time of use.  This card is very simple to use.

Where to use the vanilla gift card?

The vanilla gift card is a prepaid gift card that can be used anywhere it is valid and accepted as a means to make payments including mail orders, online and offline retail merchants.

How to activate the vanilla visa gift card?

It is simple to activate a vanilla visa gift card. Just simply follow the following steps-

  • At the time of purchase, ask the cashier to activate the card.
  • Sign at the back of the vanilla gift card where it is indicated.

It is suggested to write the card number along with the customer care service number for future references.  This information could come handy if in case the card gets lost or stolen.

How to check the vanilla visa card balance?

prepaid gift card could be checked by the cardholder online or the cardholder can simply call the customer service to find the card balance.

Always remember that the card balance must be checked before making a purchase.  The cashier or the merchant cannot get access to the card details and they cannot check the card balance.  For further assistance, do not hesitate contacting the customer support team.