Melanotan 2 – Revolutionary Way to Achieve Tan

Way to Achieve Tan

To get the good sun tan you will need to cover in the sun cream before you lie in a sun for several daily. But, there are some products in the market right now that includes Melanotan 2 that is set for revolutionizing in a way we tan. Here we will take a close look at why the product must be considered and what to look in Melanotan 2 dosage chart.

melanin injections

Since mid 1980’s the researchers at University of Arizona knew that best fight against skin cancer was getting the natural tan. It’s during the research they developed products called Melanotan & Melanotan 2 which you can buy now. Rather than applying cream and lotions on your skin you will have to inject the hormonal peptides that are what presents in Melanotan II in your skin. Tan injections will help to stimulate the body’s natural tanning mechanism for creating the tan. This is possible without having to expose the body to very high levels of ultra violet radiation that will prove harmful first.

Is It Safe?

It is certainly the product for people who have any problems to get tan or burn very easily when sunbathing. So, they can find the product highly beneficial. Melanotan 2 has the synthesized and the screened peptide hormone, which is much more potent than natural alpha-melanocyte hormone that bodies produce. An actual injecting of the self tanning product in your skin doesn’t take very long and you do not require anyone to help you. But, it is certainly not the way to get the safe and natural tan if you’re afraid of injections or needles.

When you buy this solution you will find that are offered with not just Melanotan II solution but bacteriostatic water. So, before you commence using the product you have to mix 1 ml of water in self tanning solution ensuring that you allow new blend time to settle in before you start using the dose. Ideally allow over five to ten minutes for this mixture to settle down before you start using it. Even though you will purchase 10 mg bottles of Melanotan II product they come in 20 mg, 30 mg and 50 mg bottles. When mixed with bacteriostatic water this solution doesn’t have to get used immediately. But, it will get stored in refrigerator until needed. That depends on size of a bottle the injections that you get from each can vary. For instance, with 10 mg bottle when mixed with the water you have total 10 tanning injections present in it.

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