Old Cats Always Need Extra Love and Extra Care

Often, cats gain weight in old age which is related to the reduced activity and the slowing metabolism. You should make sure that your pet is not fat, as overweight is promoting diabetes, stressing joints, and fat cats have a little fun with the age so important movement. Reduce the feed quantity in time or feed, exactly dosed, special dietary feed. Since older cats do not use their claws so intensively, they can quickly become too long, grow and cause inflammation. Here you should check regularly and cut the claws if necessary.

Other problems occurring in old age, in which the veterinarian should be consulted:

– Dental problems: The cat eats badly and slows while eating

– Joint diseases: stiff movements, avoidance of jumps

– Unclean: Causes can be physical illness/pain or senility

Cats often do not have much thirst in old age. Drinking less than 200 to 250 ml of liquid per day involves the risk of drying out. Fresh water should always be available in the vicinity and the animal holder should check the amount absorbed. The wet feed can cover part of the fluid requirement.

Some cats begin to become ancestry at the age of eight especially when diseases such as tumors or osteoarthritis occur. As a rule, however, velvet paws come between 10 and 12 years into the senior’s phase of their lives. As with all living things, age-related physical changes also affect behavior. As the muscles decrease and the overall elasticity of the body decreases, the fitness is also reduced – the cat becomes quieter and slower.

How can I support my old cat?

You should pay more attention to your cat with increasing age. Old cats often retreat and sleep a lot but they just leave alone is not the right way. It is better to deal with the animal a lot and have best cat toys – so you get the best with the cat. In addition, cat owners should, for example, use moderate games to ensure that the aged kite moves sufficiently to prevent overweight and maintain the muscles. To compensate for the reduced cleaning habits of old cats, you can install gentle brushing into the daily cuddling time. Cautious brushing stimulates blood flow and prevents the skin from becoming matted. As jumping and climbing become increasingly difficult, familiar places and objects should be easily accessible.