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If you are from Thailand and looking for men’s wear, then don’t miss checking out Leonyx Highland, one-stop for all men wear including bottoms, t-shirts, track pants and many more. browse through all the outfits displayed in detail with the image and price and make a wise decision in choosing the best for you and placing the order of all the garments men have with the denim jeans(denim แปลว่า )have their own identity. Though jeans are the garment that is worn by a number of people including men and women of all ages, the garment gives uniqueness, style along with comfort. With various styles in them, they look trendy and fashionable too.

Wear denim jeans

Such pants include many brands and if you want to know about any particular brand garment and its price like กางเกง แรง เลอ ร์ ราคา (wrangler pants price), then you can checkout through search or filter the categories of pants according to the brand. These jeans are considered to be casual wear and it is referred to be the universal appeal with rugged image and being youthful. Denim is the cotton fabric and is woven with the warp yarn that is the blue cotton as well as the filling yarn that is the white cotton for creating the twill that will be having the diagonal running parallel lines.


The jeans are limited, and they are unique which are the special edition ones and they are produced from the world-class fabric mills and they are especially hand-woven ones. These are not available in the market and you can find them only in Leonyx Highland. They are the stylish outfits and only made for the people who are extremely fascinated for jeans. The prices are reasonable and the charge according to the materials that have been used in making them.