Party Organising Ideas for an Engagement

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An engagement party is a party which is held in to congratulate a couple who got engaged and are now ready to get married. Basically, engagement is a commitment that now your relationship is turned into lifetime relationship. After engagement or before engagement bridal shower can be held.

Here are some tips for engagement revelry

Decide Host

Host is decided who is going to host the event. Also if you want you can hire a professional host.

Choose Date

Fix a date for your engagement party . Try to select a date which is convenient to almost everyone to attend an event.

Guest List and invitation:-

Prepare your guest list and send them invitation. Try to invite those people especially whom you want to see in wedding too.


Choose venue for event according to your guest list and also as per your taste. If your guest list is too long so please try to select a spacey venue for your engagement party. As a result no hotchpotch will be seen. For a list of bridal shower venues in Hong Kong, you may visit https://www.venuehub.hk/venues/event/bridal-shower-venues-in-hong-kong

Set the Menu

Menu of your event should cover everyone’s taste. Your menu must include a variety of starter, main course, cocktails, soft drinks, etc.

Choose Dress

Select a dress that what you want to wear for an event.

Events, whether you plan it on your own or get a professional to organize it for you, there are a few pointers to keep in mind. The above mentioned pointers will help you get the backbone of any event set amazingly.